Five Minute Photo Shoot: Green Beans on Polenta

I’ve been out of town for a bit, but now I’m back.  More on that later; for now, here is a dinner (lightly inspired by David Chang) of green beans, seared in a pan until barely charred, and tossed with Korean chili paste.  These are served over polenta and topped with blue cheese and black sesame seeds.

2 thoughts on “Five Minute Photo Shoot: Green Beans on Polenta”

  1. I just found your site, and I must admit, I am now only mildly obsessed. I am at work now, so I really should go, but can’t wait to get home and see more. BTW, found you on a search for savory hand pies. Lovely.

    1. Sabrina: So glad to have you! Funny, I just came across your site the other day; your photography is fantastic. Thanks so much for the comment, and hope you stick around for more!

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