Five Minute Photo Shoot: Winter Breakfast

It’s been hard to say it’s Winter lately; the whole month of December (and most of January) felt positively balmy compared to past years.  Hardly even a flake of snow, though I understand that all changes tomorrow.

Nevertheless, I’ve been starting my days with a warming, cozy bowl of steel-cut oats (heavy on the cinnamon, just a pinch of cayenne) and a cup of coffee.

And this little guy shows up sometimes.

7 thoughts on “Five Minute Photo Shoot: Winter Breakfast”

  1. This is so cool… and your pictures are GORGEOUSNESS!!

    Cayenne, huh? Would never have even considered that… very interesting.

    It’s been warm here too (though it’s expected, as I’m in Florida ;-)). Looking forward to Friday, supposed to be a high of 65 or so!! Will you post snow photos if/when it does snow?


  2. These are simply gorgeous! The bowls of breakfast yumminess make me want to curl up with my beloved and a big sweater! The rainbow is so sweet. Stunning work!

  3. Lovely pictures. Delicious breakfast to nourish the chi. This is my first winter in Florida after many years in San Francisco. I miss the crisp days and nights.

  4. It’s been balmy here in Boston too!

    I love your pictures. The bowl looks handmade and beautiful and makes me itch to get back into the pottery studio.

    The picture of the rainbow is inspiring me to try and capture the roomful I get at about 2:30 every sunny afternoon. They’re on the ceiling, walls, my cat, and in my hair!!! It’s lovely!

    Now I’m going to try some Cayenne in my oatmeal too. Sounds very warming.

    Rock on!

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