Good Hope Rusks: the Official Launch

I know it’s probably dreadfully boring, and I promise this isn’t going to become a blog about rusks.  But I thought I’d share photos from the Official Launch of Good Hope Rusks last Sunday at Dose Market, just in case some of you were interested.  Hope you don’t mind.

Did I mention you can now order rusks online?  Because you can order rusks online.  That is all.

the table
samples: anise & cacao nib, cardamom & coffee, triple sesame
letterpress 4 life

(And now, back to our regularly scheduled food programming.)

We had a Launch Party at a fabulous little restaurant, just the two of us, because I’ve never had a Launch Party for anything and it seemed like a wonderful thing to do.

Man, was it ever.

There was Champagne.  Lamb sweetbreads with sorrel, asparagus, and feta.  A hedonistically lush foie gras torchon.  Crisp-skinned trout and lentils.  After-dinner drinks.  And there was an impeccably textured cream cheese panna cotta with strawberry compote and housemade graham crackers.  With a candle, even.  I love that restaurant so hard.

forgive the iphone photo

Happy Launch, rusks.

3 thoughts on “Good Hope Rusks: the Official Launch”

  1. Happy Launch! Love the logo and the flavours are intriguing! Maybe one day I will come to the USA and then I will have the chance to order some. Till then it is always lovely reading your posts, no matter what they are about!

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