Five Minute Photo Shoot: Miso-Glazed Mushrooms and Celery

Thrown together from things I found in the refrigerator: a quick sauté of button mushrooms and celery, coated with red miso that I thinned with water, and served over leftover mai fun rice noodles, garnished with peanuts and celery leaves.  That is pretty much the recipe, shockingly enough.  I was very restrained today, and didn’t use one single spice other than black pepper.  Not even hot sauce.

I threw the roasted chopped peanuts, thinking how well peanut butter and celery go together in that childhood snack, Ants on a Log.  (I always hated the “ants” part, since I’ve never liked raisins, and would demand their omission on mine.)  The flavors of celery, peanuts, and mushrooms are really delightful together, as it turns out; I’m going to have to play with that more in the future.