Five Minute Photo Shoot: Arugula + Cherries, Peas + Orzo

Two recent dishes: first, a little salad of arugula, fresh cherries, and some fancy-pants blue cheese.  Lots of black pepper.  Looks like I served it with some soup or whatever.

arugula salad with cherries and blue cheese

Such a lazy salad.  I couldn’t be bothered to pit the cherries, so I went full-lazy and left the stems on too.

arugula salad with cherries and blue cheese

Second, orzo with peas, cooked mostly in the style of Frank Restaurant’s Spaghetti Limone.  Thing is, I had some action left over from cooking chicken recently, in the form of chicken drippings (schmaltz and jus, mind) infused with fresh herbs.

So I went ahead and used that instead of the cold butter indicated in the recipe.  Added some grated Parmesan too, just before stirring, for an extra-luxe sauce.  Toasty breadcrumbs on top because crunchy is the best texture.

orzo limone with peas and breadcrumbs