Recent Food

I made some food recently.  Maybe you’d like to see it?

This was a smoked duck and soba noodle soup, made with an ultra-reduced rabbit and pork stock, and garnished with a heavy hand of cilantro and green onions.  AKA: stuff I had sitting around in the fridge (one of the perks of my job).

That stock was so thick with gelatin from being so concentrated, it did that gorgeous thing where it makes your lips all sticky, and you just sit there pressing your mouth together like a dweeb for five minutes just to feel it.

It’s a fried egg!  Can’t beat a fried egg.  This one seems to be on asparagus.  I actually have no recollection of cooking this, but I like the photo.

We snagged some of that phenomenal Copper River salmon when it was here, and served it with a raw kale-avocado-lemon salad.

Here are some blueberries.  They were lovely, but I didn’t do anything with them worth noting.

There’s a new recipe coming soon.  I think you’ll like it.

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