Five Minute Photo Shoot: Cabbage, Pasta, Hummus

cabbage, pasta, herbs, breadcrumbs

Cabbage is a highly underrated vegetable.  It’s not glamorous or trendy.  And isn’t that strange to think about?  Vegetables being trendy?  But look at kale and Little Gem lettuce.  It happens.

cabbage, pasta, herbs, breadcrumbs

This is a decidedly glamorous presentation of cabbage: shaved thin, sautéed in bacon fat and olive oil with plenty of black pepper, tossed with al dente pasta and chopped fresh herbs (probably just parsley, but who can remember these things).  Tarted up on top with some paprika-toasted panko.

cabbage, pasta, herbs, breadcrumbs

And hey hey, I made hummus too.  This always happens: I make a thing for a client, and then I have to have it at home.  Hummus is best served spread thinly on a plate and topped with sumac and olive oil.  Cucumber slices are optional; you can just eat it with your fingers in a pinch.


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