Five Minute Photo Shoot: Panko-Fried Eggs and Soldiers

A little post-election night breakfast while getting to work: fried eggs, arugula, and soldiers for dipping.

I’ve taken to frying eggs over some toasted panko, an idea picked up from the Zuni Café cookbook.  Your eggs get all crunchy and amazing.  Couldn’t be easier, either: pan over medium-high heat, olive oil, panko, stir until just barely golden, a little more oil, crack eggs into pan on top of panko.  Salt and pepper.  Add some dried herbs if you want bonus points.  Over easy is best, so you can serve them panko-side up, and it’ll all stay crisp.

something’s missing…
there we go

Runny egg yolks 4 life.

That right there is some luxury.

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