Park Sammiches

park sammiches

It’s still Summer!  I don’t know why, but this year, I’ve been expecting the balmy weather to give out aaaaaany minute now.

But enough about that.  I made sandwiches, designed especially for eating in a park.

park sammiches
a park

The main ingredients: some quality meat, some bitchin’ mustard, and arugula.

Left the bread untoasted, because good crusty bread is difficult enough in a sandwich without turning the crust into jagged shards that destroy the roof of your mouth.

park sammiches

I happened to be out of mayonnaise, so I used butter instead.  It’s a British thing.  Still feels kinda weird.

park sammiches
YES you need a fat-based moisture barrier and NO i don’t care if you hate mayonnaise or butter

The order of things in a sandwich is crucial to me.  Vegetables never go under meat.  Meat is the anchor.  Cheese goes in between.

park sammiches
anchor cappocolla

However, in the case of this arugula, I had to put one layer of meat on top to hold it onto the sandwich.  This almost killed me.

park sammiches

park sammiches
no no no no NO NO NO

At picnics, the squished-to-death sandwich at the bottom is always the best.  Wrap your sandwiches well, and press them.  Let them rest under a heavy cutting board for a bit.  Squeeze them.  Step on them.  Whatever it takes.

park sammiches

Remember that quality bread (like this) will resist being squished.  Less-ideal bread will give up the ghost almost immediately.

park sammiches

In a perfect world, I would’ve also put a li’l olive salad on this sandwich, ersatz muffaletta style.  It is not a perfect world, and it was getting dark.

Still, it was just right.

park sammiches


Park Sammiches

Yield: Sandwich

Oh my god, do you really think I'm giving you a recipe for sandwiches? You do not need a recipe for sandwiches.


  • Bread
  • Sandwich filling


1. Put the sandwich filling on the bread.

2. Sandwich!

3 thoughts on “Park Sammiches”

  1. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for not giving me a sammich recipe. The pictures speak volumes!

    I found you originally when I was looking for a pain au lait recipe. Your lovely wee rolls from that Chicago restaurant came up, and I really appreciated your thoughtful writing style. I’m going to use the basic formula–and will certainly link to your post–for the rolls, but I won’t do the rolling and folding as I’m going to make a loaf rather than rolls (rolls though one day, for sure).

    I’m exploring the tangzhong technique of making a water roux with some of the flour and water in the formula, and I thought milk bread would be a great place to start.

    I’m glad I followed you over here to One Hundred Eggs–very happy to see that you’re still blogging, even after Bread a Day came to an end.

    Lovely to meet you. =)

  2. Jenni Fields Pastry Chef Online featured this in a FB post and it looks terrific. However, being the bread pig that I am, I have already been to your Bread A Day site and it is heaven and I haven’t even read much of it! Thank you, thank you, thank you from all the bread lovers everywhere!

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