Five Minute Photo Shoot: Some Boring Salmon with Maybe the Best Carrots Ever

salmon 'n' carrots

For dinner: coho salmon with oregano pesto breadcrumbs that aren’t browned enough.  Boring.  Alongside: Ottolenghi’s Spicy Carrot Salad, with couscous mixed in (regular and Israeli, because Ottolenghi).

I finally broke down and bought myself Yotam Ottolenghi’s latest book, Jerusalem.  I got all starry-eyed over the first recipe I looked at: a recipe in the way, way back of the book, with all the other weird sub-recipes you need to make half the items in the book.

It’s a spice paste called pilpelchuma, and involves a quarter cup each (each!) of cayenne and paprika, along with 20 cloves of garlic.  Y’all, it is intense.

salmon 'n' carrots

This Spicy Carrot Salad uses a single tablespoon of this spice paste.  (Someone posted the recipe here, which uses the suggested double amount of harissa instead of pilpelchuma.)  With the couscous, I got about 7 servings out of that salad, and the spice level was not messing around.  From one tablespoon.  You will see more of pilpelchuma.

One thought on “Five Minute Photo Shoot: Some Boring Salmon with Maybe the Best Carrots Ever”

  1. Sadly the link for the recipe from the cookbook Jerusalem did not work but for those interested the recipe for this using harissa can be found here.
    thanks for a great recipe! My daughter is also a professional chef so I’m sending her the recipe for the pilpelchuna, she’ll probaly be brave enough to try it. Thanks for a great site! I love going through it! Have a blessed week!

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