Five Minute Photo Shoot: Radishes for Breakfast

I got a wild hair today and took myself to the farmers market.  It’s shocking how rarely I go; every single time I tell myself I should do it more often.  I always come home with the most unusual and wonderful things (and no cash left).

Today, one vendor had the tiniest French breakfast radishes, most of them no longer than an inch.  I decided to call their bluff and actually eat them for breakfast, along with some sliced baguette, anchovy-parsley-butter that was lurking in the depths of the fridge, and the mandatory fleur de sel.  Not shown, but also appearing were soft-boiled eggs, fat wedges of avocado, and iced coffee.

Totally crushing on this tiny guy on the end:

And one more shot of the fleur de sel, to stress its importance:

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